Cheeky Food Events

World Leaders

Cheeky Food Events is Australia’s (and the world’s!) leading and original team building cooking company that delivers Serious Fun.

Cheeky is run by an enthusiastic team of Chefs and Event Managers who produce EVERY event with originality, precision and care. We have developed 78 unique touch points, to ensure your event will be remembered for years to come.

Event know-how from over 2,500 events

Our 15 years of experience and passion equip us with a tried and tested, team building and corporate event formula, and we keep creating new and exciting formats each week.

We know your pain…we’ve been there!

With corporate backgrounds in companies such as Microsoft and Virgin Mobile, both in Australia and overseas, we “know your world” and what you need to WOW your team, boss and clients. We’ve booked these events ourselves and understand the stress behind it! So we are committed to ensuring we create an event you’ll feel proud of.

See how this isn’t just a cooking class

Unlike anything else on the market, including cooking schools or team building companies offering a myriad of activities, we only do team building through cooking. See how and why Cheeky creates team magic.

With Cheeky, you can relax and enjoy your event with total confidence, we’ll get your team buzzing…or should we say sizzling! We 100% guarantee our events – or you get your money back!

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