Cheeky Food Events

Personalise your Cheeky event with something extra…

Add one of our extra packages to tailor your event into a team experience the team will never forget. Whether it’s a Master Cheeky Chef Challenge where one team will be crowned the winners or everyone bands together to cook for a cause, or a Mexican themed party that transports you all to Cancun – our Added Extras ensure even more good times and laughs.

Cooking for Charity / Homeless

Master Cheeky Chef Challenge

Turn any Cheeky event into a Master Cheeky Chef Challenge and
inspire friendly competition amongst the team with a seriously
impressive trophy and medals up for grabs!

You can add this option to any Cheeky event you book, as an optional
extra for even more fun, laughs, memories and laser-focused teams.

The winning team takes home the coveted title of Master Cheeky Chefs
with a great trophy and medals to prove it. It’s game on!

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Cooking for Charity / Homeless

Our Cooking for a Cause events allows your team to give back to the community. We’ll cook up a storm together, package part or all of it up for OZ Harvest, Foodbank or another homeless shelter to distribute to Australians in need.

Options to suit your Team & Timing

We can have all the food cooked going to a shelter, or we get more food in and both the shelter and your team get to feast on your creations.  So you’ll still get to enjoy a fun Cheeky event, with music and vino, plus a fantastic meal to eat together.

Or you can even sponsor a cooking event with a charity itself.  For example one company’s Foundation sponsored an event for children with Cerebral Palsy.  Plus we have other events with fun quizzes where teams compete for food to pack into boxes for families in distress.

CLICK TO SEE FORMATS.  Call +61 424 064 434 or email.  

Cooking for Charity / Homeless

Keynotes That Really Sizzle

Keynotes That Really Sizzle

Fed up with the same old Sporting Team analogies?

Want to add another dimension to your Cheeky event with a keynote speaker?

These presentations can be stand alone, or a ‘lead into’ a Cheeky Cooking activity.

We have direct access to a range of motivating speakers and celebrity chefs, who can inspire and encourage your team to reach new heights on topics from motivation, business, sport and economics, to health, futurism and more.

Contact your Cheeky Event Manager for your next keynote speaker.

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Add some pizzaz to your Cheeky event with theming!

Whether it’s a corporate soiree or a Viva Mexicana conference party – our theming options ensure your event hits the spot.

You can choose from additional menus which come with a complete themed event! Guests will be greeted on arrival with a themed cocktail, and the cuisine and music to match. Our popular theming options include: Mexican, Hawaiian, Spanish, Asian, Australiana, Around the World, Wine Tasting, Cooking Demos with the CEO, Family Fun Days etc. Plus we’re always adding new themes, so give us a call to ask about our latest options.

Alternatively, we can tie into your conference theme and team goals – for example if you’re launching a Sales Incentive with the prize being a trip to India, let’s theme the entire event as Indian.

Venue theming is optional, and we can take it as far as you like, depending on your budget and location. Let’s really have fun with these options!


Cheeky Aprons – always a hit

Cheeky Aprons – always a hit

If you’d like your team to feel really treated, get everyone dressed for the part, by giving them a Cheeky apron they can use over and over again, as they recreate the magic at home.

For an extra touch we can also organise a personalised apron for each member of your team.  They just love seeing their own name and it truly helps support engagement and bonding at the event.

Or we can create aprons to match conference themes and logos, or in your own company colours and logo.  Just ask!