Corporate Team Building with “Heart”.

When your team wants to do something ‘extra’ for their local community, please try one of these 4 heart-warming options.  Your team will get their “feel good” endorphins pumping, knowing that together they made a real impact to someone’s day.  From 1 to 4 hrs (and even a no-cook option if facilities & time are limited), this is the perfect corporate social responsibility (CSR) team activity.  Cooking for a Cause – OzHarvest, Foodbank, Oasis Youth Centre etc.

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1. Cooking for the Homeless AND for your Team to enjoy

Our first (and most popular) option is to enjoy a fun, interactive Cheeky cooking event with fabulous food, music and vino for your team. AND to cook and package a large EXTRA portion for Australians in need.  Your group will amaze themselves as they bond, chat, laugh, cook, and create nutritious and delicious food with some of the recipes modified to suit. This Cooking for a Cause option inc:

  • A fun team building event, with music and vino.
  • A fantastic meal to eat and enjoy together.
  • Extra food to cook for your city’s most disadvantaged.
  • Cheeky organises with OzHarvest, Foodbank or another shelter.
  • Making cards for the people receiving your gift of food.
  • Add to any of our 1 to 4 hour Cheeky Formats.

2. Cooking solely for the Homeless.

The second option is most suitable when you’ve already arranged a team lunch or dinner.  It’s a fantastic mid-morning or afternoon option, where all of the food cooked will be packaged for the homeless (OzHarvest, Foodbank, Oasis etc), so they can really see your ‘care’ factor. This inc:

  • A fun team building event, with music and vino.
  • Abundant food to cook for your city’s most disadvantaged.
  • Suitable for 1 to 2.5 hour Cheeky Formats.
  • Most suited when lunch or dinner is pre-organised.
  • Making cards for the people receiving your gift of food.
  • You can opt for extra food for your team to enjoy a taste.

3. Sponsor a charity organisation to cook with your team.

Why not cook with people from a charity your company supports?   Please see the video opposite of an event with children with Cerebral Palsy sponsored by a company’s Foundation.  It was just amazing with staff interacting and helping the children!

Other events could be with the hard-working staff from a charity or the people in need themselves. For example CanTeen, Camp Quality, Aboriginal Housing, Oasis Youth Centre, Make a Wish, Starlight Foundation etc.  Your team will love the interaction, creating a ‘light and fun’ event for people in need of a few smiles.

This event includes:

  • A fun team building event, with music and vino (optional).
  • Chatting & cooking with people who need a laugh.
  • Or the option to simply sponsor their event.
  • The extra feel good of seeing these most deserved people, enjoying a relief from their day-to-day.

Formats & Locations:

  • Suitable for 1 to 4 hour Cheeky Formats.
  • Perfect for a brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, canapes or dinner.
  • Can be held Aust-wide, for groups of 7 to 700.
  • Aprons & food gift packs can be arranged for the attendees.
  • Fantastic for when charities get together for their own conferences / retreats / rejuvenation camps.

Read about format options then call +61 424 064 434. Or email.

Team Building Formats & Venues

Cheeky has many options and formats that have taken the concept of a cooking class, you’d attend at any school in Sydney or Melbourne, and turned it into a fun corporate group activity.  Tailored to suit your team and business objectives, Cheeky delivers more than a normal cooking class…way more.  1 to 4 hours of fun, including our Cooking for Charity and Master Chef options.  We can set up at any venue or hotel. Venues?  We’ll come to you (even a hotel) or find the perfect venue for your group size, from 7 to 700 people.  Need glam with waterside views for a Corporate VIP group?  We’ve got it.  Or relaxed and cheerful?  Absolutely.  And we do ALL the organising so you can relax. Please email or Ph +61 424 064 434

Master Chef Team Challenge – Add to any Charity Event.

Take your Cooking for Charity event to another level, by adding our Master Chef Team Challenge.   With cooking and a quiz as the focus, our high-quality Cheeky Medals can be awarded to the team which has:

  • created the tastiest food for the homeless
  • the most heart-warming cards for the charity to receive
  • shown the most innovation with the recipes
  • delivered on the company and/or charity values
  • Worked together best a team with the most smiles.

Contact our friendly team today to add the Master Chef Team Challenge to any Cheeky event! Or call +61 424 064 434.

MasterChef Challenge