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Cheeky Food Events FAQs

Below are the most commonly asked questions, but of course please feel free to call us at any time on +61 424 064 434 or email

Your team cooking event

Cheeky has three main options for interactive cooking events. Ranging from 1 to 4 hours, we’ll make a recommendation based on your timing, the event location, travel time and time of day…and also what suits your team objectives.  For example our 1-3 hour Food Fair is perfect for small and large groups when fun is the focus and you have less time up your sleeve.

For Conference activities, VIP events and corporate entertainment we do recommend the 4 hour Extravaganza.

We also run breakfast events between 2 and 3 hours long, which we can tailor to meet your timing requirements. Here are some examples of the delicious breakfast treats you could be making, Fabulous French Toast, Scrambled Eggs Burritos with Chorizo, Smoked Salmon Mini Bagels, or Fruit Salad Sundae.

Your team will create their own restaurant. First they become the chefs, then the wait staff, then finally they enjoy what they have created together as the customer. Throughout the entire event they laugh, bond and cook together all while enjoying a glass of vino and even some spontaneous dancing!  Each event differs depending on your brief, but there’s always a BIG welcome, great party music, fun, knife chopping skills and cooking delicious creations!

When you come to a Cheeky team cooking event you know you’re getting so much more than just a cooking class. With minimal chef demonstration time, your group will be involved every step of the way with 100% interaction and no long demos where you sit and watch the chef have all the fun. The emphasis is on your team and your objectives, whether you want to unwind, have fun and enjoy some fine wine & food, or bring a group together who have never worked as a team before.

Yes we have a fantastic option where you and your team can prepare and cook a sensational meal for your partners. They simply arrive just before the meal is served and sit down to a beautiful Mediterranean/Latino feast accompanied by some fantastic wines, alternatively they could come for the entire cook-up. This option is sensational for client entertaining and Christmas parties, or conferences where the partners and family are invited.

  • 4 hour team event – usually 2-2 ½ hours from the beginning of the event.
  • 1-3 Hour team event – no sitting! It’s a casual, stand up food affair.

90% of our clients choose to keep the event a surprise as it creates an element of mystery and excitement. We welcome everyone on arrival with a canapé or two (or a drink for some events) and reveal that they will be opening their very own restaurant and they will be the first customers!

Absolutely and we can even tie in with your conference theme or what the team goals are. Some of our themed options are Mexican, Hawaiian, and Spanish. But we’re always creating new ones! Guests will be greeted on arrival with a themed cocktail, and the cuisine and music to match. Theming of the room is optional…we can take it as far as you like, depending on budget and location.

A Cheeky event is fantastic as a Christmas party activity as it caters for everyone. Arrive, get involved, enjoy a glass of wine/beer, cook up a storm and then sit down to an amazing restaurant-quality meal. You want a party? Cheeky knows how to make this happen and you’ll still get the benefits from a team building event that shouldn’t attract FBT. It also works when you have various religious beliefs in your group and avoids doing another sit-down restaurant meal where everyone settles into their everyday groups.

We take photos throughout the entire event. These are emailed through with the recipes over the following days. However you are more than welcome to bring your own. We also have video options you can take up.

For safety we recommend closed in flat shoes, and comfortable clothing. Barefoot and thongs are not allowed for obvious safety reasons.

Absolutely as they can bond, laugh and cook an amazing meal all whilst having fun. It beats the early evening doldrums and gets everyone excited for the night ahead.  We can carry through the theme and messages from your day’s conferencing.

Our 4 hour event can fit anywhere in your conference agenda. Ideal as a Welcome Dinner especially if the group members are from different locations and don’t normally work together. Our events are the perfect way for everyone to get to know each other in an environment that’s not forced, this creates a fantastic vibe for the rest of the conference too.

Also perfect for the middle night of the conference as it covers all bases – a team building eventconference dinner and the evening’s entertainment.

It’s always a favourite as the conference finale – where everyone can let loose and enjoy themselves once all the hard (!) work is done.

The 2 or 3 hour evens are great as a brekky or midday event if you need to break up the day between seminars and get the group revived and ready for the afternoon sessions. The perfect speedy and interactive lunch break.

Yes you can.  Replace a corporate box, sit down restaurant meal or same old cocktail function with a cooking extravaganza. A new yet very natural and interactive way to entertain your clients and build strong relationships.

YES we can incorporate most products. Although how this will be done is dependent on the particular product/s. This may require extra recipe development and tailoring the event to meet your objectives. Let’s talk as we love working with Food and Beverage clients!

In the lead up to each event we do a thorough briefing about your company and what your objectives are for the event plus your long term business objectives. We then tailor the event to meet and exceed those objectives using analogies, key words and phrases that are relevant to your business and the work environment.  In some cases we create bespoke events just for your team…it all depends on the brief so we’ll be asking quite a few questions so we deliver more than just fun!

Yes, that’s what makes a Cheeky event the perfect event for all companies, large or small. No one feels inadequate or left out and everyone leaves with memories of an amazing experience where they have contributed to creating something really special. Everyone is part of the success – not just the fittest or most ‘fearless’!

Even better! We love people who can barely boil an egg. We’ll make sure they learn a few great tips so they leave feeling confident and inspired to get into the kitchen!

Oh yes.  We send them to you digitally after the event, along with the pics we took!

It is not essential, but we do advise you to purchase some as they really do get the group into character. The paper hats are very popular as they actually double as a name badge and leaving the event with an apron gives everyone a constant reminder of their experience.  Also, women in particular don’t like cooking without an apron when they have nice clothes on!

You can pre-order the knives as a gift for everyone. If you want to buy them after, we can let you know where from.

Cost of your cooking event

It depends on the size of the group, venue, location, your needs and requirements. The cost is based on a sliding scale. Please call us and we’ll get info to you, relevant to your group.  It won’t take long…promise!

Your event includes:

  • a 1, 2, 3 or 4 hr event
  • a restaurant quality 2 or 3 course meal OR casual food fair
  • an exclusive venue with lots of interaction, talk and laughter
  • tuition by our experienced and fun chefs and cooks
  • team building benefits that can be as overt or subtle as you brief us
  • knife chopping skills
  • an event that links to your objectives, goals and mission statement
  • photos and recipes from the event
  • sensational music

No. Alcohol, soft drinks, tea and coffee are not included in the cost. As we are totally portable and travel to many different venues throughout Australia, it is dependent on the venue. Some may be BYO or others provide a beverage package or drinks charged on a consumption basis.

No, as there shouldn’t be Fringe Benefits Tax on training and Team Building. However, rules do change so we suggest you take advice from your Accounts Dept.

The Cheeky Food Events is a specialised team building company that produces events NOT cooking classes.

We’re not giving you the same cooking class a group of mums would have on a Wednesday afternoon! You can be sure when you purchase a Cheeky event your staff and colleagues they will be talking about their experience for a very long time. We motivate, bond, integrate and inspire your group so they can be at their peak and perform as ‘one team’. Cheeky Food Events have experienced chefs and presenters that incorporate your company’s missions and visions and your team’s goals and objectives.  With over 13 years’ experience of delivering over 2,500 team building cooking events, I can assure you there is a MASSIVE difference.
We are so committed to providing top quality events that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee if we can’t take any photos of smiling faces having a great time. Not only do you get a beautiful meal, your own exclusive venue, a high-end event aligned with your business objectives and values, sensational chefs, and an afternoon or evening of entertainment, it should also be FBT free!!


We have staff in Melbourne but we go EVERYWHERE (Check our Venues section)! We are totally portable and travel to many hotels and function centres across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. We frequently hold small and large events in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley! We even held an event for 150 people on Hayman Island!

We have a sensational purpose-built cooking party venue located in Surry Hills, Sydney where we hold events for up to 100 people and conferencing. We also have many venues we regularly use around Sydney, Melbourne and Australia, or we can come to YOUR conference venue or hotel.

We are completely portable and can set up outdoors. A bad weather back up plan is required and we do need access to water and power.

Yes. We can even recommend hotels and function centres where you can hold your conference followed by a Cheeky event.

We can run the event in your office or your own selected venue but it is dependent on a few basic requirements:

  • an indoor / outdoor undercover space
  • access to water and electricity
  • ability to isolate or disable the fire alarms
  • and a site visit must be conducted


Our standard menu is of a Mediterranean / Latino influence offering a variety of cooking styles from barbequing, grilling, flambéing and making desserts – your team will cover all bases. Our chefs will ensure the menu is suitable for all attending the event including those with special dietary requirements. We also have additional menus you can choose from which come with a complete themed event, for example, Mexican, Hawaiian, Spanish and more.

We have various menus for different times of the day, dietary needs, location, the seasons, VIP menus with world class ingredients, brunches, lunches, morning teas, cocktail parties, including pre-dinner nibbles to full blown three course feasts!

The food is GORGEOUS! Everyone is constantly amazed with what they cook.

Yes, most definitely. As long as we know your requirements in advance we can cater for your needs. Too easy.

Of course, we will email you the photos and recipes from your event once all the food has been eaten and the dishes have been washed.

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