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Fun and entertaining Team Cooking Options

Let Cheeky inspire, entertain and motivate your team, clients or conference delegates with a fun, engaging team building activity!  With so many Team Cooking Options to choose from.

Cheeky events are all about yourself, your team and your company.  You’ll enjoy Cheeky FAR more than a corporate cooking class – that’s way too dull!  Instead, your event will be tailored to suit your business goals, team, budget, theme, group size and venue in SydneyMelbourne or anywhere you want to go! All with our special WOW factor and lots of fun!

We really care about making this a memorable event for you and your team. We refuse to do just team building or just a cooking class or just a conference activity. We take it a whole new level and provide you with a REAL EVENT experience!  Whatever you’re needing from the below, pleaseknow we’ll be right there with you, creating an event your boss, team or clients will love!  We have the perfect team cooking event option, or let’s cook up a new format!

When team FUN is paramount. When your team deserves to get out of the office, have a laugh and a good time, Cheeky Fun is the answer. It is the ultimate relaxation or reward – complete with drinks, music and a party atmosphere all wrapped up into a high-energy team cooking extravaganza! With fun as the focus, your team will bond, connect and build relationships without anyone even noticing! read more

Recommended Formats:

Cheeky Fun

Turn any Cheeky event into a Master Cheeky Chef Challenge and inspire friendly competition amongst the team with a seriously impressive trophy and medals up for grabs! You can add this option to any Cheeky event you book, as an optional extra for even more fun, laughs, memories and laser-focused teams.

Team’s efforts are judged on their food and cooking knowledge, teamwork, creativity and the flavour and presentation of their food sensations. read more

Recommended Formats:

Master Cheeky Chef Challenge

It’s tough out there. Sales people and account managers need constant inspiration, motivation and energising and the good ones have been through every style of sales training around – except for Cheeky’s!

Don’t do just another quarterly meeting or sales training (boring!). Let Cheeky tailor a fun, high-energy program to reflect your industry, product and team, and to keep your sales team 100% engaged. read more

Recommended Formats:

Sales Energisers

The company Christmas party needs to rock. It needs to say thank youwe’re a great teamwhat a year and Happy Christmas all at the same time! Don’t risk dampening the festive cheer with the same old dull restaurant or slow-to-start cocktail do – get the party jumping with everyone cooking instead in Sydney, Melbourne, anywhere! read more

Recommended Formats:

Christmas Parties

Are you looking for something totally different? An event to wow your large group, department or company? We guarantee 100% interaction, buzzing entertainment, pumping music and a fabulous meal, tailored to your event or conference theme and objectives. Even the cooking-challenged will be inspired by the high-energy fun! read more

Recommended Formats:

Cheeky Big Events

Cheeky Conferences is the fun, interactive and clever inclusion for groups of 7-2500 people at your conference. If you have a tight schedule but want extra wow factor AND team building AND an exciting event AND a fab meal, all wrapped up into one fun activity, then Cheeky Conferences is for you! read more

Recommended Formats:

Cheeky Conferences

If your team is newly formed, experienced a change in leadership, gone through a restructure or needs a shake-up, then Cheeky’s Team Development activity is perfect for you!

This specialist format takes cooking and team-building to a whole new level. We invite you to share what’s really going on in your workplace and what needs to change; then we’ll design a tailored Cheeky event that will ensure your team goals are seriously kick-started and kept on track. read more

Recommended Formats:

Team Development

When the business takes the time to get their Senior Executive or leadership teams together, they expect results. Real results.  Tackling challenges, identifying trends, strategic planning…it all takes the focus of a cohesive team.  Never easy to achieve with a group of high level individuals!  Whether you need Specialist Programs to identify Leadership Values, or they need to unwind after a long day strategising together, this high-end event will certainly please your leadership team or clients. read more

Recommended Formats:

Cheeky VIPs

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