Cheeky Food Events

We’ll say it now, this is not a cooking class! This is a Team Building experience with cooking at its centre.

A typical cooking class can only take you so far in terms of building a team or establishing a genuine TEAM vibe. That's why we're not a culinary school and don't offer culinary courses to the general public! Instead, for years, we've curated components from restaurant kitchens and professional cooking classes to craft a highly-focused Team building Event!

We encourage EVERYONE to get involved regardless of their position or cooking knowledge. Cheeky creates an experience where colleagues walk into the room and a team walks out. They’ll have learnt how to work together, collaborate, and have fun together. We intentionally avoid assigning a leader (this is a Team Effort!). We do not serve single meals. And we don't pride ourselves on having the best cooking equipment or anything. This is about encouraging interaction, having a fun time and creating delicious meals.

Creating Team Magic

We promise your team will be so busy laughing, cooking and having fun, that they won’t even realize they’re bonding. With the team magic continuing long after the event is over!

Head Chefs

We don’t have just chefs, we have entertaining presenters! Our dedicated, entertaining and experienced Chef Facilitators warmly welcome everyone and intelligently guide the event.

We guarantee everyone is engaged and connecting with each other. They also skilfully integrate your business goals and values to produce real business benefits that remain visible, even when you get back to the office.

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