Why Team Building Cooking

How your team and business will benefit with Cheeky

Why Team Building Cooking? Team Fun!

Our proven formula takes an everyday cooking class and turns it into a true team building activity, that promises effective results, every time. Even the most jaded, non-cooking, “I hate team building” staff members can’t resist getting involved! And that’s the just start of Why Team Building Cooking?

We know that choosing the right team building activity can be stressful.  But don’t worry, for 15 years, Cheeky has produced finely-tailored team building activities that provide a welcoming, fun environment where the masters-of-the-kitchen to the kings-of-take-away become the stars of the show.  Everyone feels part of the success, not just one or two ‘leaders’. You’ll cook up a storm together, work as a team then enjoy your rewards as you eat  your delicious creations.

This event is perfect for all weather conditions, plus a mix of genders, ages, cultures, fitness & management levels. We’ll also uncover any team dynamics that need careful consideration, plus dietaries.  And yes, you can all enjoy a Cheeky drink!  As your event managers, we organise everything so you can relax!

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Years’ Solid Team Building Experience

Team Events & Counting

Smiling Colleagues


Your group become the celebrity chefs with our fun, 100% hands-on cooking events. We entice EVERYONE to get involved regardless of their position or cooking knowledge. Cheeky creates an experience where colleagues walk into the room and a team walks out.  They’ll have learnt how to work together, collaborate, and have fun together.

We purposefully don’t assign a leader (as others tend to disengage). We don’t serve individual meals. And we don’t provide perfection in terms of cooking equipment etc. This encourages even more interaction, sharing, juggling of timings and prioritising. Work doesn’t work in a straight line – neither should the cooking.  But the food is always amazing!

Not a cooking class, that’s for sure!

Let’s get one critical point out of the way…a standard cooking class only goes a small way towards creating a team or the feeling of a real TEAM event. That’s why we’re not a cooking school and why we don’t do cooking classes for the general public!

Instead, for years we’ve hand-picked elements of a cooking classes and restaurant kitchens. Then combined them with our NLP team building and event skills, to craft a highly-focussed, fun team building event – with over 78 team Cheeky touch points!

Creating team magic

Most times the attendees aren’t even aware of the magic happening!  But the next day (and the one after, and after that…) they feel more collaborative, smile easier, get off email and actually talk and are more open to each other’s ideas. Put simply, work becomes SO much easier and more effective for everyone.

We promise your team will be so busy laughing, cooking and having fun, they won’t even realize they’re bonding. With the team magic continuing long after the event is over!

We don’t have just chefs,we have entertaining presenters!

Our dedicated, entertaining and experienced Chef Facilitators warmly welcome everyone and intelligently guide the event.  We guarantee everyone is engaged and connecting with each other. They also skilfully integrate your business goals and values to produce real business benefits that remain visible, even when you get back to the office.


Having worked in corporates, we’ve done team building ourselves and know that some colleagues will be reluctant to initially get involved.

But don’t worry, Cheeky produces finely-tailored team building events that provide a warm, welcoming, caring environment in which everyone from the masters-of-the-kitchen to the kings-of-take-away become equal around the Cheeky table.

We’ll cajole even the most reluctant colleague into the cooking. We haven’t lost one yet – and we’ve hosted over 75,000 of them! We also receive a full brief from you beforehand so we’re aware of any team dynamics that need to be taken into careful consideration when we plan your event.


We ensure your staff arrive as individuals and leave as a team.

After 14 years in the team building business, specialising in only cooking (not outdoor activities, treasure hunts etc.) we really, really, really love what we do.  We’re committed to working hard and finding innovative new ways to ensure each event (starting with yours!) is even better than the one before.

We’ve brought energy to over 2,500 events for teams of all shapes and sizes and have the experience to make every event fun, engaging, and deliver real business benefits.


Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

We know you’re super busy doing everything else at the office, so we look after every aspect of your team building event for you. You’ll barely have to lift a finger! Our Events Team, production values and logistics systems are utilised by some of Australia’s leading event producers. From AV, staging and venues, through to the menu and theming, we create a unique and memorable event that everyone will thank you for!


Please don’t be. It’s often a bit nerve-wracking being put in charge of team building but its super important to us that you enjoy the lead up and event as much as we will!  We really do care about your event being a massive success and we make it super easy for you to organise too.

Our Events in Action

"It was the ultimate team bonding
experience, where the fantastic
outcomes aren’t just the meals."

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