Just a Cooking Class or Cooking School?

No way. This is a cringe-free, corporate activity!


When you need Corporate Team Building with WOW.

Cheeky’s “Corporate Cooking Class” is THE BEST corporate group activity for fun team building and conferences. Your group will amaze themselves as they bond, chat, laugh, sizzle, cook, and create a magnificent feast to eat and enjoy together. They’ll arrive as individuals then leave as a focussed, smiley and productive team!

For corporate groups of 7-700, Cheeky will entice your team to learn more about each other, and step up to the ‘heat of the kitchen’.  All with fun, fabulous music, vino, beers and laughter. Sydney, Melbourne, Fiji. Anywhere! Email or please call 1300 785 365.

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Team Building Formats

Cheeky has many options and formats that have taken the concept of an everyday cooking class, you’d attend at any school in Sydney or Melbourne, and turned it into a fun corporate group activity.  Tailored to suit your team, location and business objectives, Cheeky delivers more than a normal cooking class…way more!  1 to 4 hours of fun.  Any location. Any city or hotel. Any time of day.

Venues?  We’ll come to you (even a hotel) or find the perfect venue for your group size, from 7 to 700 people.  Need glam with waterside views for a Corporate VIP group?  We’ve got it.  Or cheap and cheerful for just a bit of fun?  Absolutely.  And we do ALL the organising so you can relax.

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Corporate Cooking Class in action


Why settle for a run-of-the-mill cooking class?

If you really want to create a memorable team event with ROI, then make sure you book something suitable for corporate group activities…not for Mums, Dads and buddies interested in cooking.  The focus is 100% different.  At Cheeky, we assume no one is even interested in cooking (!), so we’re committed to delivering a corporate activity your boss, team or clients will love with 100% interaction and engagement from the moment the team arrives.  We’ll tailor your event to blitz your business goals, and make your team the stars – not our chefs.  With corporate entertainment and engagement being key, the team will bond and have fun, without it feeling ‘forced’? Cheeky launched cooking as team building to the world 15 years and 2,500 events ago. And we still truly love it!  So don’t settle for a cooking class for just anyone.  Let’s tailor this to YOUR TEAM! See Testimonials.  Or Call 1300 785 365   Get a Quote


CSR - Cooking for the Homeless or with a charity

We live in a busy world that is go, go, go – our Cooking for CSR event is the perfect corporate group activity that allows your team to give back to the community.

The first option is to cook up a storm together, package a large portion and ensure either OZ Harvest or another homeless shelter receives the food for distribution to Australians in need - providing a fresh, nutritious meal for some of your cities’ most disadvantaged people. You’ll still get to enjoy a fun Cheeky team event, with music and vino, plus a fantastic meal to eat and enjoy together.  We’ll crank up the food volume and your team’s efforts, so everyone wins.  Your team will get their “feel good” endorphins pumping, knowing together they made a real impact to someone’s day. This event really makes Cheeky smile…and we know you will too.  From 1 - 4 hours and all the food can go to the charity if you prefer.

The second option is to cook with people from a charity your company supports.   Please see the video opposite of an event with Cerebral Palsy children sponsored by a company.  It was just amazing!  Other events could be with the hard-working staff from a charity or the people in need themselves. For example Camp Quality, CanTeen, Aboriginal Housing, Make a Wish, Starlight Foundation etc.  Your team will love the interaction, plus being part of giving such deserving people a fun event and a fabulous meal you can all enjoy together.

We even have an option where there is NO cooking, but with a quiz and packing up food for shelters.  Simply give us a time frame and a rough budget and we'll create the perfect solution.

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