Cheeky Food Events

Cheeky Food Events Cooks Up a Storm with Manassen Foods at Novotel Broadbeach

Monday, February 19, 2024

Imagine a beachside setting where the waves whisper tales of camaraderie, the sun sets on a horizon of teamwork, and the air is scented with the aroma of success (and a hint of maple syrup). Welcome to an unforgettable team-building adventure crafted by Cheeky Food Events, with a special twist courtesy of Manassen Foods, Australia’s culinary treasure chest.

The Scene: Novotel Broadbeach

At the fabulous Novotel Broadbeach, 60 participants from Manassen Foods swapped their office attire for aprons, embarking on a culinary quest. The mission? To transform into a high-functioning kitchen brigade for a day, against a backdrop of breathtaking beach views that could stir the chef in anyone.

The Plot: A Dash of Competition, A Sprinkle of Teamwork

With Manassen Foods’ pantry staples in hand—think lush coconut milk, rich maple syrup, crunchy nuts, and creamy mayonnaise—our culinary adventurers were set for a challenge. The task: whip up a feast fit for kings and queens, featuring dishes like flambe prawns and scotch fillets with a side of teamwork and a dressing of fun.

The Twist: From Boardroom to Dining Room

Forget stuffy boardrooms and PowerPoint slides; at Cheeky Food Events, we believe in the power of the kitchen to bring people together. Transforming our participants into gourmet chefs, we turned up the heat with a cooking extravaganza that’s part ‘MasterChef’, part ‘The Office’, and 100% Cheeky.

The Flavour: A Menu to Remember

Our menu was no ordinary fare. Designed to delight the senses and highlight Manassen Foods’ delectable products, our teams cooked up a storm, creating dishes that were a feast for the eyes and the palate. From succulent prawns to tender scotch fillets and inventive salads, every bite was a celebration of collaboration and culinary prowess.

The Secret Sauce: Fun, Food, and Finesse

Who said team building had to be all work and no play? With Cheeky Food Events, it’s all about mixing business with pleasure. As our teams chopped, sautéed, and plated up, they also learned the fine art of cooking, all while the beats of party music set the tempo for a day of laughter, learning, and bonding.

The Cherry on Top: Celebrating Success

As the day wound down and the dishes made their way to the table, our teams transformed from kitchen crews to diners, ready to relish the fruits of their labour. Sitting down to enjoy their creations, they toasted to a day well spent, where food and fun forged stronger bonds and new stories of teamwork were written.

The Takeaway: More Than Just a Meal

At Cheeky Food Events, we believe in the magic of the kitchen to inspire, unite, and teach. In partnership with Manassen Foods and against the stunning backdrop of Novotel Broadbeach, we cooked up a team-building experience that went beyond the ordinary. It was a reminder that the best teams, like the best meals, are made with love, laughter, and a dash of cheekiness.

So, if you’re looking for indoor team-building activities or maybe something al fresco, give us a shout. We promise it’ll be deliciously fun!